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Ariel Weinberger

Engineering Manager, Mentor

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NestJS Zero to Hero - Modern TypeScript Back-end Development
By Ariel Weinberger

Develop and deploy enterprise back-end applications following best practices using Node.js and TypeScript

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Total students : 134,969

Reviews : 7,073

About me

I am a passionate Software Engineer with years of experience in front- and back-end development.

Currently, I work as aa Software Engineering Manager at OneFit. Previously, Senior Software Engineer at DAZN, delivering service at scale to dozens of millions of concurrent users all across the globe.

Past experience working in the Financial Technology (FinTech) sector for Payconiq, where I had to develop and maintain key systems for the smooth operation of the BeNeLux payment solution, handling lots of concurrent payments at a time.

I also worked as an engineer for the defense industry, mainly around air intelligence VISINT (Visual Intelligence) systems mounted on airplanes.

Apart from that, I have always been a fan of teaching and mentorship. I have mentored countless mentees in software engineering - guiding, coaching and setting them up for success as an engineer.

I have profiles on several mentorship platforms where I maintain a solid 5-star rating.