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Clyde Matthew

Things aren’t always #000000 and #FFFFFF

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DOM 2021 Build Dynamic Websites with JavaScript Part 1
By Clyde Matthew

Understand DOM (Document Object Model). Crucial for front end web development. Novice to Pro in easy steps.Course 1 of 2

DOM 2021 Build Dynamic Websites with JavaScript Part 2
By Clyde Matthew

Advanced Document Object Model (DOM) Coding. Events, bubbling, hierarchy. Become a PRO in easy steps. Course 2 of 2

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Reviews : 760

About me

Ideas are a dime a dozen. The hard part is execution. The harsh reality is that most people I know never carry tasks to completion.

My experience and a few words:

·        I’ve had to learn things the hard way (hard slog)

·        I want to teach people what I’ve learnt and make an impact in their lives. Cliché, but true

·        No one is a master of everything. But you need to be better than master of one

·        Credit is not my main objective

·        I don’t care about titles

·        I care only about the fruit of your labor

·        Understanding means less mistakes later, and mistakes cost a fortune (both in money and time)

·        Everything should be as simple as it can be, but not simpler – (not from me, from Einstein)

Oh, and one last piece of advice … dreams remain dreams until you take action. So with all the skills you learn (whether from me, or other great people all over the web), remember to take your talents and do something with them. Remember what the Bible taught us about the rich man who gave talents to 3 of his workers? The first 2 servants used the talents to trade and gain profit. The third servant was fearful and hid the talent. Don’t be like this third guy. Build websites and apps, build businesses, build your brand and build your skillset.