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Tejasvi Hegde

Test Automation Enthusiast

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REST API Testing, Automation using POSTMAN
By Tejasvi Hegde

Learn many features of the POSTMAN REST client for testing Restful API's, file uploads, data driven testing & many more.

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Reviews : 5,341

About me

Hi, I am Tej. I am currently working as a Software Engineer specializing in

Test/infrastructure automation, CI-CD, Development.

I have vast experience in various open-source & paid UI, API, Mobile Test Automation tools, technologies & frameworks.

I am very passionate about teaching & always had a dream to do it; with Udemy, It has become a reality. I am out here to share the various skills I have learned over time with you & hence have started the journey on teaching about various Test Automation tools & technologies which are currently trending in the market.

The goal is to help you learn something new or reinforce something that you are already familiar with.

Whether you are a job seeker or are trying to succeed in your current job, my courses will help you excel in either route, since most of the course is taught with real-world examples.