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Vue Mastery

Gồm : Gregg Pollack, Adam Jahr, Ben Hong, Marina Mosti, Damian Dulisz

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Vue Mastery - All Courses
By Vue Mastery

Tất cả khóa học của Vue Mastery đều gói gọn trong đây ! Nguồn tham khảo vô cùng chất lượng

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Master Vue.js for every learning level

Beginner - Vue 2Beginner - Vue 3IntermediateAdvanced

Beginner - Vue 2 Path

Getting started with Vue 2? This is where you'll start.

The first course on your learning journey is completely free.

Unsure if you should start with Vue 3 instead? Read this blog post.

Beginner - Vue 3 Path

If you're just getting started with Vue and want to start with Vue 3, start with this free course.

Unsure if you should start with Vue 2 instead? Read this blog post.

Intermediate Path

Once you've learned the basics, you can grow your knowledge of intermediate Vue features and powerful libraries like Nuxt and Vuetify.

Advanced Path

The last step to mastery is to become intimately familiar with Vue design patterns and the source code. We've worked closely with Evan You and other Vue Core team members to teach you how to fully utilize the advanced features of Vue.  

Lightning Fast Builds with Vite