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Piotr Jura

19,000+ Students | Web Development Instructor

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Master NestJS - The JavaScript Node.js Framework
By Piotr Jura

Learn to develop and test enterprise grade Node.js applications in TypeScript. Learn modern workflows using Docker.

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About me

About me

I was always interested in how things work, especially computers so I played around with my first programming attempts when 10 (that was Basic on C64).

During my professional career, I've worked as a Web Developer, working with all kinds of backend and frontend technologies.

In what order should you watch my courses for the best experience?


1) Master NestJS - The JavaScript Node.js Framework


1) Learn PHP Symfony 4 Hands-On Creating Real World Application - this covers the basics of the Symfony framework.

2) PHP Symfony 4 API Platform + React.js Full Stack Masterclass - creating APIs is the next step, but knowing the framework beforehand even a little bit would help a lot.


1) Master Laravel PHP for Beginners and Intermediate - start here if you're a beginner! This is a comprehensive beginner-friendly and aimed at beginners.

2/3) Master Laravel with Vue.js Fullstack Development - next step with your Laravel learning - introducing Vue.js, creating APIs and SPAs - already knowing a little bit of Laravel would be very helpful.

2/3) Master Laravel with GraphQL, Vue.js, and Tailwind - learn GraphQL - an alternative to REST APIs, Tailwind CSS, and continue working with Vue. Includes a full crash course of Vue.js - so if you're blue, you'll be fine.